Kennedy Kan, game designer currently at SCAD HK and costume maker. Directs and assists videos production for GBS.

Joey Fonda, game designer currently at SCAD HK. Also has past experience in the Singapore Armed Forces. Directs filming of online videos for GBS.

Conan Ng, graphic and web  designer and event helper since December 2014.SCAD HK student major in advertising.

Peter (Panda) Lui - AAA social networker and promoter for startups and charities.

Emily Lam - a family consultant who wants to see more smiles in Hong Kong.

Anna Wong, is a marketing consultant to GBS since May 2015. She is the CEO and founder of GoGlobal and Founder of Female Entrepreneurshk.

Anna worked for the world’s top advertising, public relations agencies.

"life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. I followed my gut. Just dream it and do it. My entrepreneurial journey, to be honest, is tough. Despite the number of female executives and business owners around the world is quickly growing, women very often lack the support and resources."

GBS smile for a cause campaign was initiated by Galorian. Galorian has the career background of a YA (Young-Adults) writer, a game inventor, and an international advisor on creative education. “This event is a non-traditional approach that will bring smiles to all,” Galorian explained. He hopes the GBS Smile for a Cause campaign could influence the public to share happiness with family and friends, as well as to support the various charities that take part of this event.