The prince with the Banana Smile

Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom there was a young prince, he was a healthy and happy boy whom loved to eat bananas. The prince liked to learn and he was always considerate and kind to everyone.

Every weekend they had a festival in the palace whereas the best performers, dancers and singers arrived from all around the kingdom and competed. The winner received fruits and other valuable rewards as a price.  

The prince wanted to know what life was like for people who lived outside the palace walls. So he went with his attendant to the city dressed as a banana merchant. The prince saw an old, a sick man, a funeral, poor kids and homeless animals in dirty streets.

The prince thought deeply about what he saw around him. He learned that although he was happy, there was a lot of suffering in life. So he felt deep sympathy for all creatures.

The prince got to be known as the Banana Smile merchant boy, as for his kindness, handing free bananas to all and placing the banana in front of his face as a smile. “Did you know that bananas are always wearing a smile, so why don’t we all wear a smile?” he used to ask in enjoyment.

Because he was a prince his life was very easy, and he could have chosen to ignore the problems of others. But he felt sympathy for others. He knew that all creatures, including people, animals and all other living beings, like to be happy and don't like suffering and pain.

When they returned to the palace, the prince kept on thinking about what he had seen. After finishing a delicious banana ice cream desert, the prince demanded the king and his advisors for answers to the many questions he now had, like how come that we don’t do much to help others that have so much suffer but neither the king, not his advisors provided the young prince with a clear plan.

So he made a strong decision to find a way to make sure that other kids get good education, the town to be as clean as the palace and the animals to be treated right. Also, to help all those suffer of old age, sickness and death.

Finally, he came up with a solution. In the day of the festival he went to the city center and got on the stage, calling all: "Dear brothers and sisters! I have found a way to end suffering. As we all know, all humans wish for 2 things: Be Happy & be Healthy.

One day the banana smiled at me so I had an idea, we can all vote with our banana smile!

But each of us likes a different ice cream flavor …and each of us has something different in the heart!

So each royal board member together with a group from our best performers will represent a cause to care first. Likewise we will solve our entire challenges one after the other. The winners will get valuable rewards as a price. Yes, if we will cooperate we can all enjoy better lives. You must take responsibility to understand these things."

At first, he saw that the origin of suffering is being greedy, which arises from thinking that we are more important than everybody else; also, the people doubted his words. They asked him many questions but finally they began to trust him and wanted to hear his teaching. They felt proud to be part of a campaign whereas they vote for a specific cause of their choice rather than voting for people. Nevertheless, everybody cooperated and one by one, just as you eat a banana, one bite after the other.

The prince managed to solve many of the kingdom challenges, and he saw that good deeds lead the way, from suffering to peace and they all lived happily ever after.

Written by Galorian