The boy who didn’t know to read and pray

In a far away valley lived a little Shepard boy whose mother was very sick. He wished to save her but he didn’t know how to read and he didn’t know the formal way to pray. The only thing he knew was how to talk to nature.

So he closed his eyes and concentrated, than he lifted his voice as he directed his heart to Heaven and cried laud “Kukuriku”. The story tells that the roosters followed by all of the farm animals have led him toward a plant that eventually saved his mother.

Do you remember how people knew the time to wake up before modern technology?

Yes, the rooster call all around the village woke up everybody, “wake up to pray, to work, to study, to play Tai-chi”. We don’t wish to see our society and mother nature become so sick that we are hopeless to help her but this is how I FEEL.

The Kukuriku Challenge is my social wake up call for action!