2nd episode 20 minutes - Smile for a Cause

INTRO 2 minutes: Intro by the host to the Game and special guests 5 teams of 2 each

In this part we discuss topics:

How to win the Game - The team to score most in the 3 episodes challenges continue to the next level

The BIG price ~1 Million price

What made them care for the cause and how involved are they

VIP Secret Celeb Challenge 12 minutes

In this part we present:

Secret Celeb Challenge - VIP groups are surprise and engage with passing by people in various challenges: Celebs disguise in need for help e.g. an old person pushing a wagon uphill, a pregnant lady in the MTR, etc.

EAT A BANANA BLINDFOLDED 3 minutes - A comic break - People that helped will be invited to be in the audience.

In this part we invite some from the audience to play a short game ‘Eat a banana blindfolded’

We choose those we have on video when they have found the Laisee

EXTRA 3 minutes

Under some of the chairs we will hide more surprising clues for what is next

The winners from audience come to take Selfie with VIP and audience that found the special laisee

Contact Galorian: banana@ideasign.com.hk