Yellow Alert #GBS !!!

The winning NGO is - Ocean Recovery Alliance

The 2 charities to get the most smiles by the end of Smile for a Cause campaign and to step to the next part - the KukuriKu Challenge were -  Ocean Recovery Alliance & The Hub.


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Disclaimer: We do not handle funds in any mean. all funds are to be directly transfered to the participating charities via their PayPal account or any other mean provided independently by them.

Remember! The material world and all we have in it are only temporary. However, what we do for others will remain for eternity. There is nothing more supreme and noble.


Why GBS - Smile for a Cause?

Well, after searching the web we didn’t find a platform that provides the service to what we wished to achieve - Gather a few local charities to collaborate as one!

Knowing that:

The web isn’t about the tools or the technology, it is about the culture!

Collaboration is more powerful than competition!

The best business/fund-raising model is when we connect both on-line and off-line worlds as a personal experience!

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Smile for a cause

Parental Education |  Kids Self-Confidence| Environment | 

Labor Rights |Animals |Kids Center |

Nepal|Elderly | Housing

A social tsunami wave washed the city of Hong Kong

31th of May - 28th June

Initiated by a group of young Hong Kong entrepreneurs, we gathered up local charities, with their touching stories to challenge us all to vote with our Smile!